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but yours goes below your mouth by that photo.. so will have to be trimmed. ^.^

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I believe you'll find that there is a good reason for keeping the width of those trimmed. So maybe this story illustrates the spin of the press more than the battle for common sense.
In fact, Adolf Hitler had a very luxurious moustache before war broke out. He had to keep it trimmed because of regulations regarding the use of gas masks. If it is too wide or too thick and it lifts the mask from the face. Considering the oxygen masks fighter pilots have to wear in combat, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't want him to fly because he didn't fit the standard equipment for his job.

I wonder what the Village People would look like if the luxurious moustache was associated with the leader of the holocaust, and the small trimmed slug that gas mask wearers (of both sides) had survived. Actually, I think that needs photoshopping.

Please forgive me, I'm a little lot drunk.

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So long as his cheeks are smooth the moustache will tuck in, I believe. But perhaps the US masks are smaller than the British ones or something? The Navy are allowed full beards except if they are on active service, when they have to shave for the same reason.
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Adolf Hitler had a very luxurious moustache before war broke out
True, iff by "war" you mean the Great War.


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